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Jack’s Waterproofing offers premium waterproofing options for residential and commercial exterior and interiors in Bondi. Whether you’re renovating an old retro bathroom or building your dream house, we can deal with any jobs of all sizes and difficulties. Visit our website to find out more about the services we provide or call 0432 334 355 today to chat with one of our friendly staff member.

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Jack’s Waterproofing is well known for supplying quality roofing options for a few of the more tough jobs in the area. Whether you are building your first house, an architecturally developed work of art or a commercial residence, Jack’s Waterproofing can offer you a quick and reliable service from an experienced and devoted roofing team. You need to consider a Jack’s waterproofing shower alternative to fix the dripping shower once and for all.

We offer waterproofing solutions in Bondi and Bellevue Hill, Tamarama, Bronte, Waverley, Bondi Beach, Bondi Junction, Queens Park, North Bondi, Clovelly, Woollahra. Call us today!

It is essential that you pick the right service proper for your scenario, something which your local Megasealed ™ consultant will help you with upon quoting at the site.

Our Bondi Services

bathroom wet areas BondiWater penetration through ceramic tiles in bath/shower rooms and other wet areas triggered by leakages, floods, substrate movement, and grout failure can result in extensive costs and much hassle to all those celebrations involved.

Jack’s waterproofing can install an authorized waterproofing system to prevent these problems noted above.

Verandas and terraces can differ in size & building and construction – this will affect the choice of the waterproof membrane. There are numerous considerations to consider including deck movement, differential movement, drainage, waterproofing continuity at expansion joints, drainage outlets, deck surfaces and most important what is below the balcony or terrace– vehicle parking? Habitable space?

Jack’s waterproofing can provide an ideal product for your needs.

Modern flat roofing systems tend to utilize a constant membrane covering which can much better withstand pools of standing water. These membranes are applied as a constant sheet where possible, though sealants and heat welding is available to enable bonding several sheets and dealing with structures permeating the roof surface and forms a homogenous layer impervious to wetness.

Spalling also know as Concrete Cancer is a result of water getting in brick, concrete or natural stone and forcing the surface to peel, pop out or exfoliate. This is because there is salt in water. Salt pushes outside from the within. Ultimately, spalling can cause falling apart and damage of a structure.

Building or remediation of water features. We are licensed plumbing professionals in Bondi.

Internal and external areas in colored non-slip coverings. Treatment of tiled areas to give more grip.

Bondi concrete crack repairConcrete fracture repair work and concrete cancer treatment. High pressure fracture injection to stop leakages.

Sealing new and current water tanks.

Expert in unfavorable side waterproofing of internal and external retaining walls.

Our Basement Improvement Starts With Long-term Waterproofing

basement waterproofing BondiBasement renovation can add great deals of additional home to your house but beware; basement water leak might put a real damper on your hopes if not effectively fixed.
There are 2 conditions you need to resolve for a dry basement, actual water leak, and condensation. Water leak is a quite obvious issue to house owners but numerous are unaware of the issues that high humidity can cause to a finished basement.

Humidity Issues

Because a basement is listed below ground, it will be naturally cooler than the floors above ground. When warmer air from upstairs or outdoors enters the basement, it diminishes in volume as it cools. This shrinking or “condensing” of the air volume results in greater humidity. Everything permeable in your basement will take in the additional wetness in the air and cause a foul odor. Dehumidifiers are home appliances which mechanically remove the unwanted additional humidity from your basement. A great dehumidifier is a should if you plan on renovating your basement. Even a basement that doesn’t leakage will gain from using a dehumidifier.

Water Leak

Without doubt, water leak into the basement need to be completely fixed before you start your renovation project. Start by remedying obvious sources of the problem; broken or non-existent gutter, downspouts clearing beside the foundation, ground outside sloping towards the house, exposed underground windows, etc
. After you tire all preventative steps outside, attempt to recognize areas inside where you are experiencing the leak. If a corner of the basement appears to be a particular problem, again, look outside at your rain gutter downspouts. If you see fractures in the walls dripping, a few of these can be repaired with hydraulic cement or fracture injection. If water appears to be can be found in from a separated area, installing a sump pump listed below floor level can reduce the water level and underground hydrostatic pressure because area. If you are uncertain or your issues appear to be widespread, it may be best to call in a structure inspector, engineer or other expert to help you recognize and fix your problem. There are a range of services available to fix your leak issues. These include; outside excavating, re-parging your walls, interior or exterior drainage systems, interior cove systems, grout or epoxy injection and others. Most of these alternatives will require a professional.

Basement Improvement Begins

remodelling BondiIf you can spare the additional space, 2X6s are even much better because they allow space for more insulation. Never ever, under any situations, nail furring strips onto the walls. Permeating the foundation will jeopardize its barrier versus water.
Use building and construction adhesive instead of nails or screws to adhere your bottom wall plate to the floor. It’s ok to nail the upper wall plates into the upper floor joists.
Do not glue down your basement carpet. Carpet is something that is going to wear and eventually need to be replaced. Glued down carpets develops a real problem later when trying to remove it. Inform your carpet installer to utilize building and construction adhesive to install the carpet tack strips around the border. Do not allow them to drive nails into the cement floor.


With some sound judgment, building and construction technique, a trusted waterproofing system, and humidity control, and a great waterproofing company like Jacks Waterproofing NSW, you can delight in a lot of additional home by renovating your basement in Bondi.

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